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Words are Cheap (and Powerful!)

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Eat an apple, you could speak for about an hour.

That's 108 words per cent of investment.*

Cheap as!

Very big bang for buck.

So what would you say?

Words can soothe or words can stir.

They can offer clarity or add to the confusion.

They can send another into orbit, or bring them back to Earth.

Words can feed insecurities, or shower with Love.

What would you say?

Words can fuel closed agenda, or open discovery.

They can incite war, or nurture revolution.

They can transmit Truth, or weave a web to hide it.

Words can free or bind, unite, or divide.

For the price of an apple, what would you say?

*Calculated based on the following googleable factoids:

(60 calories per hour of speaking) 

x (1 hour per 60 minutes) 

x (1 minute per 100 spoken words) 

x (1 apple per 90 calories) 

x (1 kilogram per 6 apples) 

x ($5 per kilogram apples) 

x (100 cents per $1)

= 0.00926 cents per word

= 108 words per cent. QED.

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