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We're All in This Together

By 'We' I don't just mean You and I, though that is a good place to start.

I'm not referring to our 'Team of 5 Million' and this 'war against COVID'.  That may come into it, but perhaps it's a distraction.

I mean, more specifically, You, I, and each and every one of the 7.8 Billion people who walk this earth (and possibly their pets).

We are in this Human Realm together.  We inherited it, we sustain it, we co-produce it, we Are It.

This Realm is entwined with Earth, but is also quite unique, like two partners in a dance.  We breathe Her and She breathes us.  (We need Her... does She need us?)

In this Realm we: harvest food, build homes, grow cities, burn forests, wage wars, fly rockets, choke oceans.

We: make love, give birth, take life, cheat death, take care, ride myth, seek God.

We: write books, play sport, trade power, splice genes, frame art, mine data, hoard wealth.

We: speak, listen, eat, shit, breathe, dream, and we dance.

We: satiate and grow weary... 

Why do we do what we do?

This Human Realm is a conscious ocean, we are each a boat and the wave it rides atop.  We rise on the swell and express the energy of the Whole as it moves through us in any given moment.

We are not at all separate from each other.  Every thought is a drop in the ocean, giving birth to a ripple.  Every word creates a splash.  Every deed either moves with or pushes against the tide.

It is not for any of us to try and tame the tide, to try and halt the moon.  

The tide is here to stir the depths, to make us aware of our inheritance. To help us face our collective seeds - every thought, word and deed that never bubbled into life but instead sank to the ocean floor.

It's not for us to censor what stirs from the depth but to bare witness to the bubbling, to allow our boats to rock, to forgive the knocks and scrapes.

To Love each other no matter what.

We are all in this together.  The tide is here to teach us who or what we really are.

The ocean will settle again in time.

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