• trinlé

Make Love with Life

This statement is not about sexual promiscuity.... But it does have something to do with the act we call love-making - this may be a good starting point for understanding it's meaning.

Making love is an act of trust, surrender, of offering oneself fully. It is an act of attentiveness, deep listening, receiving the other. It is an opportunity to yield, dissolve boundaries, to expand inward, blossom outward and inhabit the full scope of being.

Making love is a chance to melt the hallucination of self and other into the expanse of stillness beyond movement. To simultaneously arise as the ceaseless swirling exchange of bliss & breath.

It is a doorway to a new relationship with life.

One where fear gives way to cosmic majesty, isolation gives way to sacred intimacy, where the need for control gives way to perpetual creative exchange.

Making love is not meant to be confined to a peak experience, but opened up, unfurled, as a continuous way of being in the world.

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