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Finding Voice

Everyone has a Voice. Not everyone has found theirs.

Some stay shut-up like a child in a closet, afraid to face their fear.

Some whisper just soft enough so no-one needs to hear.

Most hum the hum of a mind succumbed to mild complacency.

Some scream their pain, drive others deaf, and then fall back to sleep.

Have you found your Voice?

Your Voice is not the words you said yesterday.

Nor the ones you left unsaid.

It's not the fragments floating on your lips.

Nor the stories in your head.

Finding your Voice is like learning to ride a bicycle:

Wind back the crankshaft.

Gather your weight upon the pedal.

Balance ushered by a parent's steady hand.

Cautious at first, confidence builds.

Intention flows through well-oiled gears.

Flying by the seat of the pants,

A journey of transformation.

Similarly, to find your Voice:

Empty the mind on an exhale-release.

Gather the potency of unacknowledged truth.

Held in the space carved by friendly ears.

Insight sparks, the heart ignites.

A gush of liquid-gold from feet to head.

Throat glowing, words free-flowing.

Transformed by discovering Innate Knowing.

Your Voice may be LOUD or (silent),

But it is always Clear.

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