• trinlé

Drink In the Earth

We humans have become earth-deficient, ungrounded.

We are adrift in a collective mental realm that has become untethered from material reality. A realm that balloons with the hot air of pride taken in our conquests over nature, and each other. Fueled by false notions of freedom, beliefs that belie our marriage to natural law. A disregard for gravity and the necessary return from our attempts at ascension.

We have forsaken our mother Earth. She still carries us in her womb. We hold the umbilical chord in our reflexive grip, unaware that we are choking the life force exchange that both mother and child survive by.

Our grip is born from fear of Nature's Curse. Fear that growth must end in decay, that birth must end in death. Fear that Her insistence on ceaseless cycles somehow undermines our potential to realise freedom in the human form.

Unaware that Life's very nature is eternal transformation, and that by yielding to this wisdom we may meet eternity face to face, even as we walk the Earth.

Release the grip and relinquish the Curse. Forgive the fear of death and birth. Life's the blood to quench your thirst. Walk the ground and drink in the Earth.

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